Idiots Online
hi my [console] in not connection to live i got a wirless networking ad in my bed room it is not connection i got virginmedia do i need a modme in my room . thak you ;]
Where do I start?
paternal adderss coming up arror
Full email from an online user’s father. An adult.
I have signed up to ***** rewards but when I view the webpage it says my gamer tag is *****. This is not me, I am *****. So I need help with this, unless I am actually a sociopath with a split personality disorder and this imposter is actually me. we could turn this into a film, the bad guy was me all along, Good twist.
A good lad.
Prank phone call received
Me: *standard greeting*
User: Hi, I was playing Fifa 12 and my Virtual Pro keeps falling down online and everyone keeps laughing at me over it. Is there anything I can do about it? *muffled laughter of friends in the background*
Me: I understand how that can be frustrating, but let me help you out and see if we can find some resolution to your issue and get you back to gaming with confidence.
User: Thank you... *more muffled laughing*
Me: Can you tell me, is your Virtual Pro overweight?
User: ('_') ... *convulsions of laughter and disconnect*
Me: :)
security mem contacting my son.


This was the entire email. From an adult.